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If you are interested in British Columbia immigration, there are two ways to apply for a BC PNP nomination. The first method is to contact the British Columbia PNP directly to apply.If nominated, the potential immigrant can then build a new Canada Express Entry profile and import their BCPNP nomination credentials into the immigration system.

The other approach is to start by creating an Express Entry profile. Once you have signed up for Express Entry, you can use the system to indicate an interest in BC immigration. The BC PNP can then invite potential immigrants to apply for the program through Express Entry, and nominated individuals will instantly be credited with 600 points on their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.This will essentially guarantee the individual an Invitation to Apply (ITA) during the next Canadian Express Entry draw.

Eligibility Requirements for the British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program (BC PNP)

Under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP), candidates may qualify under one of the following streams:

  • Skills Immigration
  • Express Entry British Columbia
  • Entrepreneur Immigration

Skills Immigration Stream (Skilled Worker Category)

This category is open to workers with post-secondary education or training and employment experience in a skilled occupation.

  • Have at least two years of full-time (or full-time equivalent) work experience in the skilled occupation offered to them, and the credentials and qualification requirements of the position, if applicable;
  • Have received an offer of indeterminate, full-time employment from an eligible B.C. employer;
  • Be in an occupation classified as NOC level 0, A, or B;
    • For occupations classified as NOC level B, applicants must demonstrate sufficient language proficiency in English or French by submitting language test results showing a minimum score of benchmark 4 under the Canadian Language Benchmark 2000 (CLB) in all competencies.
    • For occupations classified as NOC level 0 or A, no language test results are necessary - the BC PNP, however, may require valid language test results at its discretion.
  • Demonstrate the ability to meet minimum income requirements and pay for housing and living expenses in British Columbia by showing:
    • Annual wage in the province;
    • Location of residence in the province;
    • Number of dependents

Minimum Requirements for Employers

    Additionally, the employer offering the job must meet the following requirements:

  • The business must be established in British Columbia, and have been operating for at least one year;
  • The business must already have permanent, full-time employees;
    • If the business is located in the Greater Vancouver Regional District, the business must have at least five permanent, full-time employees (or full-time equivalent) in B.C.;
    • If the business is located outside the Greater Vancouver Regional District, the business must have at least three permanent, full-time employees (or full-time equivalent) in B.C.;
  • The business must show a history of good business practices;
  • The employer must meet domestic labour market recruitment requirements;
  • The employer must sign an employer declaration stating that all of these requirements are met;
  • A written offer of employment must be extended to the applicant on official company letterhead and must meet all of the following requirements:
    • The offer must be signed and dated by both the employer and applicant.
    • The offer must include
      • A description of job duties;
      • The rate of pay;
      • The working hours for the position (minimum of 30 hours per week);
      • A statement that position is permanent and full time;
      • A list of additional benefits; and
      • A mention of any applicable collective bargaining agreements, if relevant.

Express Entry British Columbia

Skilled Worker Category (including Health Care Professionals Category)

The Skilled Worker category is for international skilled workers who have post-secondary education or training and employment experience in a professional, management, technical, trade or other skilled occupation. The candidate’s occupation must be classified under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) matrix as skill level 0, A, or B.

Candidates applying under the Skilled Worker category must have a full-time permanent qualifying job offer in a skilled occupation from a B.C. employer. Candidates with a job offer in a regulated occupation that requires mandatory certification or licensing must demonstrate that they meet provincial requirements for the particular occupation when they make their application under this category.

Category Employment Occupation Experience Education Other requirements
Skilled Worker Full-time job offer from an eligible B.C. employer Occupation Skill Level 0, A or B Minimum 2 years of directly related work experience Applicable credentials or qualifications Candidate must be eligible for a federal economic immigration program Candidate must meet minimum income requirements (see below)
Health Care Professionals Full-time job offer from a Public Health Authority in B.C. Physicians, specialists, nurses, psychiatric nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives and allied health professionals Directly related work experience Applicable licensing or registration Candidate must be eligible for a federal economic immigration program Candidate must meet minimum income requirements (see below) Candidate must meet all the requirements of the BC PNP Skills Immigration - Health Care Professional Category