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Now moving to other countries with your family isn’t a problem. Family visa provide the opportunity to live, study, work and migrate from one country to another with your family members. Any one of the following:

  • Spouse, or partner
  • Fiancé’, fiancée or proposed civil partner,
  • Siblings,
  • Parent,
  • Relative,
  • Carer who will provide long-term care for you

Can apply for Family Visa. WDIC has configured the family visa immigration services under the title of “Family Settlement Class”. The Family Settlement Class consist of various visa categories which help a family member or whole family of a genuine landed immigrant, permanent resident or citizen of that country for immigration. It is another best option of family reunification

Family Settlement Class includes various visa options and categories varying from country to country and has their own requirements. Some of them are as under:

  • 1. Sponsor your spouse, partner or dependent children
  • 2. Sponsor your adopted children and other relatives
  • 3. Sponsor your parents and grandparents
  • 4. Visit your children or grandchildren